Weird. I don’t remember ever getting used to our high-quality HD TV. When we first got it I remember it looked fake, like I was on the set with the actors instead of watching a finished production. Now after not thinking about it for a while it looks right.

Recently we were at the Good Will store. They had old CRT TVs. I couldn’t believe how bad the picture was, how that used to look normal.

I wish real life was as clear as the the new TVs.

The Future


“The Future” is so yesterday. The optimist in me believes that as needs arise new technologies will be developed. The pessimist in me sees humanity as an algae bloom that is in the process of snuffing itself out. The realist in me does what he can with what is available now to build a bubble existence. Without knowing what is coming we can’t really prepare.

Every Story We Tell is True


There is a must-watch video that every writer out there should watch. It is about how what we write and put out there in the world affects the people who read it. That includes everything we blog or even say to people. Andrea Phillips is a pioneer of Transmedia Storytelling who has given a brilliant presentation on how what we read and see becomes a part of us and changes us, whether we are aware of it or not. The last five minutes of the fifteen minute talk are of particular interest to writers, but the entire presentation is required viewing for us all. Here’s a link to the talk:

The Ethics and Responsibilities of Fiction

iPad Insight

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Long time, no blog.

Very sorry about that. This long cold snowy winter has put me into a very mild and prolonged depression that has made me horribly lazy. I just haven’t wanted to write at all and have instead been parked contentedly on the couch with my iPad Air while watching TV most days. With the seeming break in the weather recently I have started snapping out of this and hopefully I will get back to blogging on a near daily basis. Continue reading

The War over St. Nicholas


I’m going to copy and paste another writer’s “The Origin of Santa” because it is the best timeline of events that I have ever seen compiled. I stumbled on this while reading reactions to Fox New’s assertion that Santa was white and that Jesus was white, both assertions being patently ridiculous. Both were native Middle Eastern and clearly must have had dark brown skin. Many of the Christian values people embrace today are good values, but as could be seen on Fox News the white supremacist agenda overlaid on these values is just plain wrong. What follows is the historic account of where Santa Claus really came from.

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