Chopin: Waltz in C# Minor, Opus 64 #2

Chopin Performing

I’m on a piano teacher’s forum at LinkedIn. Once in a while a guy named Joe posts a link to a piece he’s learned and kindly asks for constructive criticism. With his last posting he did Chopin’s Waltz in C# Minor. My comments focused on how his ornaments should have been more crisp, his phrasing needed work — shape the phrase with your hands drawing an arc, and he needs to be more at the bottom of the keys. The biggest compliment I could give was that Joe inspired me to learn this piece myself simply because I like it.

What follows immediately below is my audio performance of this early-advanced level masterpiece.


I will discuss this piece in a little more detail.

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The Sad Little Princess

I composed this short piano solo with a particular student in mind. It is in the musical form of a rondo (A – B – A – C – A). I’ve done some reevaluating of my style and how I go about things and this is the result. If you’d like to listen to this two-minute piece just click the play button immediately below.


If anyone wants the score in PDF format, let me know. I’ve given it to a couple people so I had to rush out this recording for reference on how I think it should be played.

A Peace Corps for Music

A Peace Corps for Music

I was asked to help along a National Geographic project by submitting a video presentation for their Expedition Granted competition so there would be some submissions live before the project started. Basically, people have a pet project they want funded and the winner will be granted $50,000.00 toward that end. You might be able to see my submission on the main page for this project, just go there and scroll down a little, under “ADVISOR PICKS”, and then click on the “Find Out More” text to view the video. Here’s the site:

—> Expedition Granted <—

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Weird. I don’t remember ever getting used to our high-quality HD TV. When we first got it I remember it looked fake, like I was on the set with the actors instead of watching a finished production. Now after not thinking about it for a while it looks right.

Recently we were at the Good Will store. They had old CRT TVs. I couldn’t believe how bad the picture was, how that used to look normal.

I wish real life was as clear as the the new TVs.

The Future


“The Future” is so yesterday. The optimist in me believes that as needs arise new technologies will be developed. The pessimist in me sees humanity as an algae bloom that is in the process of snuffing itself out. The realist in me does what he can with what is available now to build a bubble existence. Without knowing what is coming we can’t really prepare.

Every Story We Tell is True


There is a must-watch video that every writer out there should watch. It is about how what we write and put out there in the world affects the people who read it. That includes everything we blog or even say to people. Andrea Phillips is a pioneer of Transmedia Storytelling who has given a brilliant presentation on how what we read and see becomes a part of us and changes us, whether we are aware of it or not. The last five minutes of the fifteen minute talk are of particular interest to writers, but the entire presentation is required viewing for us all. Here’s a link to the talk:

The Ethics and Responsibilities of Fiction