Blog for Bangladesh

BurialIt took me two weeks to make the following video. I felt the idea was too big and too important to just dash off a quick bit of text and move on to the next thing. The tragedy of the deaths of over 1,100 garment workers in Bangladesh was too important. In the grand scheme, big business ignores the welfare of their workers in the name of greed, and it is high time for a voice of reason to speak out against the constant repetition of history where the great many are taken advantage of to make the elite few tremendously rich. My controlled outrage follows. Continue reading

Go Ogle Somewhere Else

Sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I used to but these videos are time consuming to make.

Today I expose the evil advertising empire known as Google and show you why I have decided to stop using their services as much as I possibly can. To say the least, I have completely stopped using their Chrome web browser and their search engine. The following video explains why. Continue reading

Online Advertising

vector dollar iconI’ve been getting bugged lately by people wanting to advertise here on my blog. I have already paid WordPress money to guarantee that there would be no advertising, which can appear to non-WordPress bloggers who stumble in here. I also don’t want to use YouTube for the same exact reason: YouTube videos have ads that sometimes appear before the content, and after you view the video it takes you to places other than where I might want. Continue reading

Our New Phone Service


This is a follow-up to my article from January 12, 2013 entitled “Changing Plans”. It hasn’t been long since we switched from Sprint to PureTalkUSA. The transition from one company to the other was very easy to do and I think people need to know that. Because we terminated our Sprint contract early we had to pay a penalty and our final bill due February 20, 2013 will be just under $500. The benefit going forward is that our bill will be reduced from $140 per month to $15. I will elaborate. Continue reading

For Sale – Part 7

FloorPlanMiniTo wrap up this series about real estate and philanthropy I thought I’d share how we came to live at our current residence, where we intend to live out the remainder of our independent days. Before our current home we have lived in a regular house that we owned, an apartment, a condo, and a home which we held in the name of a third party. There is a category we had tried in the past which has not yet been covered.
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For Sale – Part 6

ManYellingAtWomanOur realtor friend Lori called and told me about a young woman, Katie, who is an abused 26-year-old mother of three. She lives with a boyfriend who fathered one of her kids. While Katie is at work her boyfriend smokes and drinks her paycheck so she has no money to buy food. When she is at home he abusively yells at her. He has some sort of condition which affects his moods and he is apparently under-medicated. We didn’t want to take on the burden of giving a fourth large loan but we can and someone needs help that we can give without extending ourselves too far.

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