Writing Music Like Mozart


[Classmates, if you want to hear my final project and see the submitted score, please scroll down to the bottom of this article.]

For the past six weeks I have been taking a Coursera class called, “Writing Music Like Mozart”. I’ll not bore non-music theorists with the details of what was covered, but I do want to address certain people in this world. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0034

I’m doing this mostly through a video today. Hopefully it will be clearer this way. We’ll see. I talk about each step of the assignment and then I perform it for you on a piano. I figure this way people who are not really playing along can still see what I’m up to here. It can’t hurt, can it? Continue reading

Music Theory – 0033

This might be the last round of this series, but not the last round of this type of material. I have been thinking about how this has all been going down and I’m not entirely happy with it. I would rather start from the beginning and teach musicianship along with online piano lessons. This would entail learning to read music, play piano, sight sing, understand how music works, and writing music. It is of great value to poke at a physical instrument and it is of great value to be able to look at a piece of music and be able to hear it in your head directly. All these things should be taught together and should be taught from the very beginning.  Continue reading

Finding Diane

Here is the finished piano solo version of “Finding Diane” in proper rondo form. It was inspired by the upcoming novel “Pieces of the Circle”, draft copies of the opening chapters can be found at Diane’s own blog. This gave me great difficulty to perform because the piece demanded to change keys before returning to the beginning themes and that new key turned out to be very demanding where the original key was relatively easy. Regardless, here is the best I can do with it in the video below and is also in one of the music players in the right-hand column. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0031

FinishLineIs this the finish line for “Finding Diane”? Today I perform and display the ending, and maybe tie up some loose ends. After today I want to make an audio recording of the entire piece and post it in a music player; and who knows, I might try to orchestrate it or turn it into a proper song later. This is a very flexible piece with loads of potential. Continue reading