Finding Diane

Here is the finished piano solo version of “Finding Diane” in proper rondo form. It was inspired by the upcoming novel “Pieces of the Circle”, draft copies of the opening chapters can be found at Diane’s own blog. This gave me great difficulty to perform because the piece demanded to change keys before returning to the beginning themes and that new key turned out to be very demanding where the original key was relatively easy. Regardless, here is the best I can do with it in the video below and is also in one of the music players in the right-hand column. Continue reading

The Young Ones – 01

micYay! It’s original music time!

My thirteen-year-old piano student came today for her seventh piano lesson and for an absolute beginner she is progressing rather well. Her father initially told me that she wants to play and sing, and so far until the playing becomes more comfortable that isn’t going to work. Still, I had a little surprise waiting for her that I sprung at the end of her regular lesson. Continue reading

Tangle – Unfinished

I haven’t gotten one thing right today. Got the camera, it’s sitting there charging. A student came completely unprepared because she was out of town all week and we worked on her left hand and improved it some but, well, these things take time. I spent a lot of time practicing and recording myself just in case I happened to get the current project nailed and I got close but no cigar. And here I am with no time or energy left to make a proper post. I did find a nice but unfinished piece of music I had been working on that has a lot of promise and is fine as far as it goes but I got stuck and gave up on it, so it seems fitting to post it here. This is a solo project from eight months ago, unfinished, and here to represent my day of not getting anything done. It is encapsulated as a video so it doesn’t get all tangled up with my finished audio recordings. I give up for today. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0031

FinishLineIs this the finish line for “Finding Diane”? Today I perform and display the ending, and maybe tie up some loose ends. After today I want to make an audio recording of the entire piece and post it in a music player; and who knows, I might try to orchestrate it or turn it into a proper song later. This is a very flexible piece with loads of potential. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0030

This is the C-Section which even Diane herself has not yet heard, not until this posting anyway. This whole thing gave me fits. I knew what I wanted to do and the song knew what it wanted to do. Guess who won? Continue reading

Music Theory – 0029

Office Keyboard

Yup, there’s the keyboard(s) in my office, the one you’ll hear today. Note the tripod with the tiny webcam on top. Not the ideal situation but I just ordered a “real” video camera yesterday. That tripod would seriously be in the way if I were using the upper end of the keyboard. For performing in the future I hope to use my other keyboard stationed in the living room. We can take today’s video as a lesson in why not to use a webcam for motion video. Continue reading