The Composer Arranger 04

It’s almost like A Tale of Two Cities. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .” — Charles Dickens. There was confusion, and then there was clarity.

OK. The Composer/Arranger is a difficult book which to my eye is for what I’d call an advanced educated musician (or I am rather stunted). But where the opening of the book changed topics and perspectives at rapid pace, here in the ensuing pages about melody while the author makes frequent references to clarification in later parts of the book he does stay on point. And they are very good points indeed.

Let’s talk about melody, and in the larger sense talk about creative construction in general. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0008

QuarterRestA Rest is a measured duration of silence just as a note is a measured duration of pitch. We don’t want the singer to pass out for lack of an opportunity to breathe, we don’t want the horn player’s head to explode. I’m making assumptions here. Music is meant in most cases to portray the sounds of life and emotion. In many cases an instrument being played is intending to mimic the human voice as artfully as possible. Continue reading