The Sad Little Princess

I composed this short piano solo with a particular student in mind. It is in the musical form of a rondo (A – B – A – C – A). I’ve done some reevaluating of my style and how I go about things and this is the result. If you’d like to listen to this two-minute piece just click the play button immediately below.


If anyone wants the score in PDF format, let me know. I’ve given it to a couple people so I had to rush out this recording for reference on how I think it should be played.

Finding Diane

Here is the finished piano solo version of “Finding Diane” in proper rondo form. It was inspired by the upcoming novel “Pieces of the Circle”, draft copies of the opening chapters can be found at Diane’s own blog. This gave me great difficulty to perform because the piece demanded to change keys before returning to the beginning themes and that new key turned out to be very demanding where the original key was relatively easy. Regardless, here is the best I can do with it in the video below and is also in one of the music players in the right-hand column. Continue reading

Music Theory – 0028

Well, I went and did it. For the past week I’ve studied online reviews and I ordered a new video camera. My wife found it very stressful to stand there holding my iPhone to capture video while I played. I think she was afraid of moving and messing it up. It actually came out crisp and clear except that I cropped it too small and then WordPress blew it up and made it blurry. I’ll fix it once I receive the camera and figure out how to use it. It is the Canon Vixia HF G20 if you want to check it out online. Here’s a picture of it before I get on to the A-section (verse) of “Finding Diane”.

Canon Vixia HF G20 Continue reading

Music Theory – 0027

This hot chick called Teeny Bikini asked if I’m just going to permanently make this a Music Theory blog or am I going to do what I have been here and thoroughly explore a topic and then move on to the next thing. I think I’m going to stick with the music bit for a long long time, but not exclusively. Music has been a serious recurrent theme throughout my life so there will be a lot about song writing going forward. Really the music theory is bringing people up to speed toward talking about various aspects of writing music and that will likely be my main hobby for the rest of my life.

Today I want to start a few sessions on a piece of music I’ve recently written called “Finding Diane”. Continue reading

Not Composed, Composing

SketchingI seem to have painted myself into a corner with a piece of music I am writing. It is a lovely little melody with an introduction, verse, chorus, and ending already written. Nice as it is, it seems too repetitive doing two verses and a chorus over and over. Continue reading